Product Range/Brands:

Fresh and frozen prawns and a range of white fish into the
secondary processing and wholesale markets.

Brands sold to export market:

Products are supplied branded/unbranded into export wholesale markets or directly to secondary processors who then pack under their own brand.

Main channel supplied:

Key channels supplied include secondary processors in
Ireland and the UK, Irish foodservice wholesalers and fish shops and wholesale
customers in Spain, Holland and Italy.

Sales split domestic vs export:

An estimated 90% of output is exported.

Pack formats:

Frozen at sea Prawns packed in 3kg-waxed cartons, packed in 9kg
master outer cartons. Click to view pack formats.

Recent NPD launches:

Frozen at sea Prawns.

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What We Do

Export Domestic Markets


The fishing village of Clogherhead, County Louth, is located on the east coast of Ireland, north of Dublin Bay. The village developed around the fishing industry with Port Oriel as its centre and is ideally located for ease of distribution. Clogherhead prawns (Nephrops norvegicus) are renowned for quality. It is prawns of this provenance that proudly bear the name of Dublin Bay Prawns.

Foresight for the Future

The fleet based at Clogherhead depends on the continued sustainability of nephrops fisheries around the Irish coast. Our vessels and crews employ various conservation measures that are recognized as contributing to sustainability. Examples are using fishing gear that goes above legal requirements which helps to retain larger whitefish while allowing undersized fish to escape from the net into the sea alive and taking a pro-active role working with the scientific community on stock assessment and sampling programs.

We are implementing the BIM Seafood Environmental Management System which was developed by close collaboration between BIM and the Irish catching sector. This system allows vessels demonstrate their commitment to responsible fishing practices.

We are also closely involved with Responsible Irish Fish, set up to assist vessel owners achieve certification for their fish, differentiate their products in the market place and promote Irish fish caught in a responsible manner.

Fishing Grounds

Departing Port Oriel, the fleet has access to Dublin Bay, the Irish Sea, the ‘Smalls’ (Celtic Sea), and the Porcupine Bank. With fleet capability, experienced owners and skippers, this coverage ensures year round supply.

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